Model preserves culture through clothes brand

Mufaro Tinago

LOCAL model Mufaro Tinago said he is on a mission to celebrate the Zimbabwean culture through his newly launched clothes brand, the Shona King and Shona Queen.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, Tinago said the idea came after realising that the majority of the population, especially the youths were forgetting their own culture, celebrating alien cultures which even come through clothing.

He said the youths now prefer brands such as Nike, Jordan and others, yet Zimbabweans can also come up with our own unique brands which have symbols representing Zimbabwe.

“My target is to add different types of Zimbabwean culture symbols to our clothes brand in order to also sell our culture to other continents. I intend to use symbols such as the flag, our own Great Zimbabwe,” he said, adding that his main aim is to teach the youths that Zimbabweans can also come up with unique brands which  can sell our own culture.

“We have a lot of clothes brands in Zimbabwe with different names, but my brand is not just a name, rather I want it to give value to our culture. My dream is to make sure we have it in other countries so that they know even about our own well- known people just the way we also know about people like Michael Jordan,” Tinago said.

The model named it Shona King and Shona Queen to remind the young generations that culture is equally important.

“We now have different things we believe in, but certainly we do not have to forget who we are because of that. My desire through this brand is that as people see this brand, then definitely they should be reminded that we also have our own great heroes and heroines just like the Louis Vuitton brand.”

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