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Mafume bounces back at Town House


THE High court has reinstated Harare mayor councillor Jacob Mafume after he successfully challenged his suspension by Local Government minister July Moyo.

In his ruling, High Court Judge Justice Joseph Mafusire said Mafume’s suspension was a nullity.

“It is hereby ordered that the application for review be and is hereby granted and the decision of the Respondent ( Moyo) to suspend the applicant for the fourth time through a letter dated December 17, 2021 is a nullity and is hereby set aside,” Mafusire ruled.

Mafusire also ordered that Moyo should not to suspend Mafume again on the same or similar allegations as the ones in his letters of suspension dated December 23, 2020, January 22, 2021, September 14 and December 17, 2021.

The Minister was also ordered to pay the cost of suit.

Mafume approached the High Court after his suspension in December 2020.

The Harare mayor had argued that the decision by Moyo to suspend him was irrational and illogical.

His suspension came without any disciplinary hearing and came after the third suspension period had expired.

The Minister had accused Mafume of committing gross misconduct and wilful violation of the law.

But Mafume described Moyo’s suspension as childish.

“The act allows the loser of the last election to supervise the winner. In this case we beat Zanu PF in council elections, but because they stole the presidential elections they are now supervising us using the Urban Councils Act,” Mafume hit back at the minister while challenging his dismissal at the court.

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