Kaseke, an upcoming child model

Tadisa Kaseke

AS the old proverb says, catch them young and watch them grow, this proverb perfectly suits the case of Tadisa Kaseke a gifted and talented child model from Cimztech modelling agency and current holder of the Little Mr and Miss Zimbabwe crown.

Yes, it is very normal for toddlers to wear their parents’ shoes around the house as they grow up, but Kaseke took it a step further as she at the tender age of four she was already honing her modelling skills using her mother’s high-heeled shoes.

This marked the beginning of her modelling career which has now taken her to international pageants at the age of 10.

The 10-year-old model is also into chess and golf.

NewsDay Weekender took time to hear about the teen model’s new-found career path through her mother Deleen Masawi, who also heaped praises on former model Mercy Mushaninga for nurturing and supporting her daughter to become a promising model she is today.

Favourite television programmes
“Cartoons, cartoons and cartoons! She enjoys them a lot. She also enjoys Indian movies and is quick to get up and dance when they start singing and dancing.

“She also loves singing. Not good at it, but she can sing her lungs out and enjoy the moment.”

Tadisa Kaseke

Favourite food
“She loves chicken and chips and her favourite fruit is banana. She also loves chocolates and sweets.

“As a child who spends the whole day picking up small snacks, it is difficult to get her to eat a proper meal. At times she just doesn’t want to eat and pretends to be sick towards dinner time and sometimes she goes to the toilet countless times.

“You then ask her what is wrong and her reply will be ‘my tummy is sore and runny’ and when this happens, it’s only a sign to show that she is not interested in the food.”

How does she relate with friends and family

“Integrates easily although she is shy at first then opens up fully when she has warmed up to anyone.”

Self-care routine

“At 10 years old, she now takes her own bath, twice a day and she loves bathing with liquid soaps.

“She loves dressing in shorts, jeans and also loves to wear my clothes a lot. When it comes to shoes, she loves wearing heels and can even go out to play wearing them.”

Greatest fear

“Her greatest fear is losing her mum. Mum has a bit of grey hair, so she always says mum you are getting old and I do not want you to die and then slowly the mood changes and she becomes withdrawn.”

Religious life
“She does go to church and believes in Christ. I encourage her to pray every time before going to bed and her favourite Bible verse is Psalms 23, the whole of it and she recites it before bedtime.”

Tadisa Kaseke

What makes her smile when she is off mood?
“She hates being told not to do something that she would have set out her mind to do. And when this happens, access to my make-up bag will put a huge grin on her face.

“She also enjoys being behind the camera. Given just two minutes with anyone’s phone and the next thing that cellphone’s gallery will be exploding.”

Weekly timetable
“During the week it is strictly school, no excuse and for chess she plays it mostly at school. Saturday morning she goes for golf at the Royal Golf Club then afterwards has an hour or two to do her modelling stuff.

“She either practises her walk or watches tutorials on the internet. If she has a pageant, her school helps with things like poetry and speeches.”

Golf and chess
“She enjoys playing golf and the sport was introduced at her school. After noticing her love for the game, we enrolled her for extra lessons since the school had stopped all sporting activities due to lockdown restrictions.

“Her school introduced chess last year and as a beginner she is pretty impressive, she loves it too.”

“The main challenge she has been facing is that of finances to support some of her pageants, especially the international ones. It becomes a very big disadvantage as some of these shows encourage networking and tourism amongst children.”

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