It all started as an experiment: Tanto Wavie

Shingirai Makaza

AMAPIANO is one of the genres making waves in the showbiz industry, especially for the youths. It’s a genre which took root in South Africa, but it has been welcomed in almost every country. Here in Zimbabwe, artistes are also infusing their music with this beat and local artiste Shingirai “Tanto Wavie” Makaza went a step further by mixing amapiano and sungura to produce amasungura.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Tanto Wavie, who is based in Chitungwiza, said it was just an experiment combining the two genres (sungura and amapiano) in one vessel, but the response he received has been overwhelming.

“It all started as an experiment as you know that I produce beats.

“It came into my mind, what if I fuse amapiano and sungura, our local genre. That is when I ventured into this genre which I titled amasungura.

“I am surprised with the response I am receiving from my fans,” he said.

Tanto Wavie added that his amasungura Extended Play (EP) has six tracks with the second track Muyeuchidze being a collaboration with a female singer, Joy Rukanza from Bulawayo.

“I am surprised with the support that I’m receiving from beyond our borders, being recognised outside was one of my motives and it is finally fulfilled. I am sure that this EP will elevate my career because this new sound of amasungura is so unique that everyone would like to jam on this new sound.”

Tanto Wavie said he was grateful to be able to produce unique music and sounds, adding that his audio mark had over 30 000 listeners which is a good number. He is eager to keep on experimenting in the dog-eat-dog industry. His John Chibadura track propelled him into the limelight.

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