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Inside Ambassador Blekks’ lifestyle


Tichaona Makwara, affectionately known as Ambassador Blekks, was born and bred in Harare and was raised by a single father, Gora Makwara.

His schooling took in Gresham Primary School in Zvishavane to Cranborne Boys High in Harare.

Makwara, a model, actor and fitness trainer, believes that being a multi-brand ambassador has helped him to keep a level head and keep his work and personal ethics intact.

When women see him, they get easily charmed by his great body structure, which shows biceps which he maintains by going to the gym regularly just to maintain the body, yes he is a charmer boy for sure.

Makwara has been working with a lot of brands, including TelOne, Econet and JanJam, just to mention a few.

He also plays Patrick, a character from an on-going series Tangled which is running on 3KTV, a local television channel.

Patrick is a conflicted soul, caught in-between loving his girlfriend and obeying his mother, who hates the other woman in his life.

In real life, Makwara says he is calm, low key and reserved.

He shares his story with NewsDay Life &Style Weekender.

Schedule on a normal day

“So basically, my wellness and fitness has become a lifestyle for me. My morning starts with 500ml of water to kick start my body, hydrate brain joints and flush toxins. From there, I head straight to the gym.

“Once that is out of the way, I would say I am more of an indoor person like meandering around the house, eating healthy food, watching cable TV games and music.

“Then house chores cleaning laundry. I must admit I am a little hermit.

Marital status

“I am a widower with three kids, one girl and two boys.


Well, I like socialising with my friends, so it depends on the weekend but usually a chill out braai, watching cricket, rugby and basketball games.

Favourite food

“Anything with potatoes: mashed, roasted, fries!


“My kids and I have a healthy working relationship. We laugh, play, dance, workout and do a lot of outdoor recreation. Unlike me, they love the outdoors.

How you maintain the biceps

“Well, I am primarily a full-time fitness trainer and floor manager at the gym, so I can say consistency, persistent, smart training and a balanced diet is my secret.

Favourite sport

“I love soccer. I am a long-suffering Manchester United supporter, always backing the team whether we win or lose. Locally, I am with Caps United because I used to play for their junior team.


“I am also a designer who is fond of formal clothing.

What provokes you?

“Injustice and oppression anger me so easily.

How do you balance modelling, acting and fitness training?

“I have to juggle my schedule to meet the demands of my work. When I am off from work, at the gym is time for the short camps for shooting films or series.


“I won the 2017 Africa’s Most Promising New Male Actor and 2017-2020 Zimbabwe Top Brand of Brand Ambassador

Worst moment of your life

“There was this one time when I was given a call, time and venue by a client. With confidence, I assumed that I had gotten the directions and venue clearly.

“So, being a punctual person, I went, got to a venue and to my surprise, there was no crew, no cast, nothing and I thought wow, this is pretty awesome and professional I am early! But I was at a wrong location. I felt embarrassed for letting down a client.”

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