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I am just a basic guy in my eyes: Pervis Taylor


PERVIS TAYLOR is an Ivy League educated celebrity life coach and number one best-selling author. TAYLOR  has worked with and mentored some of the biggest celebrities in the world. He has also spoken in front of thousands of people as a keynote speaker.

Impressively, he is part of a very elite group of Columbia graduates that are on the university’s wall of fame.

This honor is awarded only to the highest performing students in Columbia’s illustrious history. As it stands, Taylor is widely touted as one of the greatest celebrity life coaches alive. NewsDay Life & Style correspondent in the United States of America Charles Myambo (ND) caught up with Taylor (PT) and below are the excerpts from the interview.

NDWho is Dr. Pervis? Who is he to you and who do you think he is to the world?

PT: “I am just a basic guy in my eyes. I don’t think I am a celebrity. I feel as though I am just a hardworking person who overcame a lot of challenges and is now blessed to have a platform to inspire others.

“Five years ago I had several goals I set out for myself and I am pleased to have achieved most of those goals.

“It was a goal of mine to be verified on more social media platforms and I was able to accomplish that (i.e. verified on Facebook, Instagram etc. …).

“Another goal was to get my doctorate which I managed to accomplish as well. Above all else, I wanted to grow as a person and become a refined version of myself which is an ongoing process. “Now as for the second part of your question, I would say the world sees me as the celebrity life coach and number one best-selling author that I am.

“Some people are only discovering who I am now and such people will likely see me as a celebrity or someone who has made it.

“It is the ones who knew me about 10 years ago that would really understand that I am just a regular guy who is passionate about helping people maximize their potential. 

NDBearing in mind that you are restricted by your client privilege agreements and NDAs, I tentatively ask you to let us know how it has been working with & mentoring celebrities? Were you all star struck in the early stages?

PT: “Like you correctly stated, I care a lot about coach to client confidentiality. As such, I will not be giving any specifics about my clients, but I can let you know about celebrities that wanted to work with me, but did not officially become my clients.

“Morals matter to me and that was that. As for the second portion of your question, I would say that I have been star struck working with celebrities.

“As you correctly alluded, during early stages it’s quite common to get star struck. Working with and mentoring Hollywood’s finest or famous musicians can be challenging when you are not used to such a company.

“All in all, I would say it’s been a good experience and I have been thrilled to see a lot of celebrity clients hit milestones and get breakthroughs.

“Another really important thing to highlight is I offer my services to more than just celebrities. Even everyday regular working-class people are welcome to be a client of mine as long as I believe that I am the right fit for them.

“In some cases, I refer clients to other life coaches I trust if I feel I may not be the best option for the client at that particular time.

“Like I said, it’s not about money for me but it’s about seeing clients/people maximize their potential.”

NDEight years into your craft as a life coach, you decided to publish a mental health focused book that would unsurprisingly go on to be a number 1 best-selling book.? Walk us through that.

PT: “It came naturally. Writing books was just a natural progression of the services I offered to my clients.

“My sessions with clients are 1 on 1 which I really enjoy. However, a book helps disseminate beneficial information in a greater way than 1 on 1 client sessions.

“Obviously there is no equal substitute to a 1 on 1 session between a life coach and a client. That said, even if I can share a fraction of what I cover as a life coach but do it in book format then more people can be helped.

“The issues I write on are issues I’ve seen affecting so many men of color, especially black men. I used to struggle with absurd societal standards imposed on men.

“We grow up being told a man must be tough at all times and if you are soft then that is often portrayed as weakness.

“This led to me filtering so many emotions which in the long run was detrimental to relationships in my life. Going through that and seeing other black men going through that was enough indication to me that something had to be done.

“I can’t change the world by myself and let alone with one book but the books I have written can help some people even if not all people.

“One of the greatest experiences I had was with a man who stopped me at a local grocery store to tell me how my book had changed his life and how it had saved his marriage.

“At that moment I knew that being an author was my calling just as much as being a life coach”.

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