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Gazah unveils gender equality book



AUTHOR Grettelle Tavongaishe Gazah (19) has dropped a 19-chapter book titled Being Unapologetically Feminist in a quest to highlight that the rise of women does not mean the fall of men.

Gazah says even at such a young age she knows that gender is still a controversial issue which pushed her to write the book published by Vine Consultancy.

“My book is a reflection of what I have learnt from society,” she said.

“Millions of people inwardly and outwardly are still not in support of the idea that there should be equal rights between men and women and this has resulted in dissent and disagreements among people on the subject of feminism.

“It is viewed as a movement that seeks to oppress and suppress men and is often associated with strong, angry and forceful women. So as a feminist myself I decided to educate people on the subject of feminism, its significance and why it should matter to all of us. Not only that, I also wanted to resuscitate hope and empower women and liberate themselves before the world can liberate them,” she said.

Gazah added that she was motivated by the need to simply live in a world of equal opportunities regardless of gender, a world with no gender expectations, where people are free to be who they want to be without gender limitations. Her wish is to live in a world where she no longer has to call herself a feminist.

“Most people are against feminism because they believe it seeks to apply reverse discrimination. However, the book is showing that feminism simply demands the annihilation of the gender hierarchy and a whole lot more other things that do not at all bring a negative shift to the status quo. Being Unapologetically Feminist also unveils that we can both stand on an equal footing and co-exist without one sex dominating and suppressing the other,” she said.

Gazah has three books under her sleeve namely, Women are just as good (2019), Girls not brides (2021) and Gender equality today, are we there yet (2022). In 2019 she took third place in the Cover to Cover competition, and just recently she took first place in the Ecobank Stay and Win Essay Writing Competition.

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