Economic crisis benefits Zanu PF chefs

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime should just arrest corrupt officials and thieves plundering the country’s natural resources and throw them in jail.

There are economic factors at play here contrary to what pretenders like Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya would like the nation to believe.

Mangudya should stop blaming runaway inflation or spike in black market foreign currency rates on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Everyone knows that fluctuation in foreign exchange rates is a result of demand and supply. We are not generating enough foreign currency because our industries are constrained.

The little forex we generate is abused by a few and it looks like President Emmerson Mnangagwa is doing nothing to arrest this rot.

Mnangagwa must bring culprits to book and uproot economic saboteurs which include banks, retailers and individuals.

It is  unfortunate that our leadership is taking advantage of the citizens’ quietness which they are mistaking for weakness.

One thing for sure is that this will not last forever. The day will come when we shall say enough is enough.

Zanu PF officials know what the problem is, but they do not want to tackle it head-on because they are the major beneficiaries of the crisis. As long as these old cronies are in power, the economy will forever be in the doldrums. God have mercy on us.
Muzokomba villager

ED should stop appointing paper tigers
THE current price hikes are a result of a number of factors, chief among them being inability of the current government to understand how a national economy operates.

The Zanu PF-led government has failed since 1980, to direct the skills base it inherited from the Ian Smith regime to drive the economy, opting instead to appoint “paper tigers” who have consistently run down companies, State-owned institutions and government departments.

Smith believed in technocrats (not paper tigers) and used them to create wealth at the height of crippling United Nations sanctions.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s leadership believes that the skills required to turn around the economy of this country can only be found in China or former colonial masters.

This is the reason why he  has been flaunting the Zimbabwe is open for business mantra. Our salvation does not come from elsewhere, but from within.

It is only Zimbabwe who can rescue themselves, not Chinese, the West or Russians.

Bailouts from the International Monetary Fund or other Bretton Woods institutions will not rescue Zimbabwe.

The ballooning youth population, if not properly nurtured to participate meaningfully in rebuilding the economy and the myth about China, will be the source of Zanu PF’s downfall.
Chief Chiduku

Command Zupco has failed

GOVERNMENT’S monopolistic policy in the transport industry has dismally failed.

When is the government going to admit that it has failed the nation? The Zupco monopoly has failed and it is so nauseating that top government officials parading the same buses which it imported two years ago to hoodwink Zimbabweans that it is doing something. Such cheap propaganda is doing more harm than good to the regime.

The government has completely lost the plot and must lift its ban on private players in the public transport sector.

South Africa, with a population of more than 50 million people did not ban private transport operators, but supported their continued operations.

Imagining that we are now in winter, the pain, frustration and endurance of queuing for transport for more than fours hours is unbearable. Commuters have suffered enough.

The Zanu PF government thinks taking everything into their hands will work. You cannot nationalise everything and at the same time ignoring the private sector.

Policy deficiency and inconsistency is the order of the day in the new dispensation. They would rather spent much of their time trying to decimate the opposition, giving trinkets to voters and threatening to grab Hopewell Chin’ono’s goats instead of crafting policies that improve the lives of Zimbabweans.

When Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa talked about bullet trains they laughed at his vision, but he was only daring Zimbabweans to believe.

Zimbabwe has no reliable transport system to talk about. Its railway system is dead. The National Railways of Zimbabwe is still using locomotives that were  launched in the 1960s.

If the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government cannot fix a simple problem like allowing a viable and sound transport sector to function, how  is it going to fix an ailing economy?

Propaganda will not fix the problem. Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and other cities used to have sound transport systems, but everything has been run down.

This government has constipation of ideas and finds comfort in creating a crisis for political expediency. You can not have command agriculture, command economy, command politics, command transport and this and that. The transport system is an economic enabler, so it should be fixed.

Mnagagwa cannot talk about an upper middle class economy by 2030 with such a run-down and an ailing transport system.
Leonard Koni