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Creative Dzangare develops artistry for teaching mathematics


By Tendai Sauta
Chitungwiza-Based Fungai Dzangare has challenged creatives to embrace teaching philosophies in their artistry so that they help in addressing social, economic and political challenges while engaging learners in meaningful learning.

Through his brand Triple Zero Eight Show, Dzangare has already become a model teacher as his innovative teaching of Mathematics has attracted a number of students.

“We have embarked on a e-tutorship guinea pig technique that seeks to counter the evils of the internet by fusing Maths sessions with trending showbiz news, skits, poetry, motivation, top charting musical videos etc,” he said.

“We have  broken down the whole O Level Maths syllabus into three minute-fused Maths videos which remove the drag in learning vis a vis traditional monotonous teaching techniques.

“Our method is highly subliminal to condition and associates Maths with the youths role models and idols like Holy Ten, Volts, Jah Prayzah, Winky D etc.”

Dzangare added: “Growing up in this era is one big challenge considering the information bombardment on today’s young generation. Naturally, with the phone in hand, our kids do not use it to their advantage opting for the more entertaining blogs and pages on the internet. In layman’s terms, we have a product that seeks to replace the ‘gogo n sekuru’ in this wild weird world of technology.”

He said his methodology related common mathematical calculations to life issues and artistry.

“The polar difference and edgenuity of  our methods lie in inculcating entertainment, a distraction, and Maths in a single video. We are playing the Elon Musk Space X gamble here, the Isaac Newton mentality since we have nothing to lose judging by the decrease in pass rates and moral decadence in schools and among our youth,” Dzangare said.

“We all remember that schoolteacher who could easily relate to us, this is the future of teaching, fusion and relativity. It sparks excitement and enthusiasm in the learner and makes repetitive Mathematics patterns interesting.

“The conventional methods are a drag and so inapplicable in today’s complex matrix of survival to create and nurture international citizens. For us to be counted and heard on the global stage, Triple All Eight is the eureka.”

He uses social media to market his teaching lessons. His platforms are a fun-filled learning environment which embraces teachings on health and well-being.

“I do pre-order selling method of three-minute easy and  exciting all-languages Maths video and create a branded scalable business platform on social networks,” Dzangare said.

“I also wish to engage the corporate world by creating an e- market and an environment for advertising on this show.

“I also offer an online DIY. Maths product or extra help.”

The COVID-19-induced lockdown brought a new era in the usage of computers for teaching and learning.

Asked what has been his best times in teaching and training of Mathematics, Dzangare responded: “This has been a David and Goalith affair as far as challenges are concerned.

“Producers where reluctant to work on the idea of mixing milk and derere (okra). Three producers lost interest during editing the shoots and it took me four months to come up with a pilot product which we could improve on.”

“I started enticing them with money if they complete the project in time.”

He added: “I had financial challenges of course since I was using my own daily ‘savings’ and made sacrifices on my family financial obligations.

“A mountain of criticism emerged almost from everyone, I understood it since it was only, but a divine revelation.”

Dzangare said if his blueprint teaching technique saw the light of day, he would recommend the Primary and Secondary Education ministry, social bodies and the corporate world to embrace the subtle tool in curbing the evils that have befallen our youth such as school dropouts and substance abuse.

“My efforts highly complements the STEM programme in a purely Zimbabwean way and from the ‘point and eyes’ of the youth,” he said.

“Stars shine brightest when its darkest. Zimbabweans are some of the best brains in the world, let’s pave our way, shine and stamp our feet in a world of COVID-19, wars and the other evils.”

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