Byo writers launch 2 motivational books


BULAWAYO-BASED poet Zwelithini Dlamini (21), in collaboration with Portia Tshuma (37), recently launched two books which encourage the youths not to give up on their dreams.

The books titled Ithendele elihle likhala ligijima and Survival of the fittest were launched last Saturday.

Dlamini told NewsDay Life & Style that the two books were both about everyday life and Zimbabwe’s current economic instability.

“Because we are seeing instability of the economy that does not mean we should stay at home and fold our hands and relax, rather we should get up, dust ourselves, swallow our pride and find something to do that will benefit us financially for the betterment of our lives and the nation at large because time has never been on our side, thus the proverb Ithendelwelihle ngelikhala ligijima,” Dlamini said.

“The life we live nowadays is survival of the fittest. We face a lot at a tender age. We talk of losing loved ones, failing to meet our targets; the list is endless. This is why I came up with the book. I wish l could convince the youths to value our culture and our language as well. I wish to see many poets rising up for the right cause and encouraging other youths,” he added.

Tshuma said unemployment and COVID-19 exposed the talent in her which she never knew she had.

“Inspiration is the lack of employment in our country and all the hardships that people are facing to make a decent living, hence the books are motivational to youths and everyone at large,” Tshuma said.

“The COVID-19 era exposed many people to challenges and most people worked from home during that era. I also started writing the poems according to different situations, but mostly to foster working hard for a better tomorrow and it eventually became a success which enabled me to collaborate with Zwelithini. I aim to cultivate the spirit of reading among youths because there is power in the written word. The books I have written are motivational and can surely be of help to the youths who may be going astray in life,” Tshuma added.

The duo started writing the books last year in May and it expects more collaborations in the future.

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