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Borrowdale Brooke security bars Wadyajena workers


SECURITY at Borrowdale Brooke has blocked Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena’s construction workers from entering the estate.

This came a day after the High Court granted the Zanu PF lawmaker full access to the residence.

Wadyajena approached the High Court after he was denied full access to the residence, including having his vehicle tags deactivated and being forced to use the visitors entrance.

He has written to lawyers representing Borrowdale Estate Residents Association, Mangezi, Nleya and Partners, protesting over the decision to bar his construction workers from entering the premises.

“The barring of our client’s construction workers is unlawful as our client is in full compliance with the estate’s architectural and planning regulations,” Wadyajena’s lawyers Machingura Legal Practitioners wrote.

“If your client insists on the contrary, then we challenge your client to the strictest proof of its claim. We also challenge your client to produce our client’s master file kept at the estate association offices within 24 hours hereof so that its contents are inspected and the duly approved plans, submitted several years back, are uplifted.”

Wadyajena threatened to approach the High Court if his construction workers were denied entrance to the premises within 24 hours.

“Further, in the event that our client’s building contractors are not allowed to enter the estate and continue with their work within 24 hours hereof, our client shall approach the High Court on an urgent basis, seeking appropriate relief,” the lawyers wrote. “The cost thereof, and any financial prejudice our client may suffer as a result of yours’ unlawful conduct, will no doubt be for your client’s account. Be warned accordingly.”

Wadyajena is at loggerheads with the residents association after he was reprimanded for disorderly conduct and making noise with his vehicles at night, disturbing the peace of other residents.

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