Andrea Conti is one of Milan’s worst transfers


Milan’s history, especially in the 2010s, has been full of failed signings. It was partly because of them that the club could not break into the Champions League zone for a long time. However, you can always find soccer live scores of confrontations involving this team on the sports statistics website. Only current and verified data is available here. 

When talking about Milan’s worst transfers in the 2010s, it is impossible to miss the figure of Andrea Conti. For the “Atalanta” defender the club paid a solid 24 million euros in 2017.

He was obviously considered a key player. In Atalanta, Conti impressed with his speed skills, as well as his well-aimed shot. So, in the season 2016/17, he hit the opponents’ goal 8 times. However, he did not manage to realize his potential at Milan.  

In his first campaign for the “Rossoneri” Conti played 5 games, after which he broke his cruciate ligaments. He did not appear on the pitch again that season. He fully recovered only in 2019. However, even then, Conti was not able to be useful to the team. It’s all about Milan’s game scheme. If in Atalanta Conti acted all along the line, in the Rossoneri he played only in defense.

With the arrival of Pioli as head coach, the defender’s playing time began to gradually reduce. In addition, his injuries continued to plague him. As a result, AC Milan spent €24 million on a defender who had played only a few good games for the club. That’s clearly not what the fans and coaching staff were hoping for.

Why didn’t Conti realize his potential?

Conti ended up at a “Milan” in crisis that could not break into the top 4 for several years in a row. Because of that, the team was under enormous pressure from the fans and the press. By the way, live scores of all soccer matches with its participation can be easily found on the sports statistics website. 

Among the main reasons for the defender’s failures in the camp of the “Rossoneri” it is worth noting:

  1. Permanent injuries. Serious injuries and prolonged form are the reasons why the defender did not play much. His injury history is the main reason for his failure as a member of the “Rossoneri”.
  2. The club’s game scheme. If in “Atalanta” Conti was regularly included in the attacks, in “Milan” this option was not in demand. This has limited the player’s role in the game in some ways.
  3. The lack of trust from Milan’s coaches, as well as their constant changes. Gattuso, Pioli and other specialists often preferred to see Conti’s rivals on the pitch, even when he was healthy.

All this led to the fact that the footballer, who was a player of the Italian national team at the time of his transfer to the “Rossoneri”, was not even close to realize his potential.  That is why he can be classified as one of the worst acquisitions of the Italian grand club in the 2010s, when the club was experiencing its worst times.