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84% of youths in the informal sector: Unicef


THE United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) Zimbabwe says 84% of the youth population in the country are in the informal sector owing to lack of formal employment opportunities.

This was revealed by Unicef programme deputy representative, Zeinab Adam yesterday at the launch of the third round of “imaGen Ventures Youth Challenge” in Harare which seeks to mentor the young in entrepreneurship skills.

“As we know Zimbabwe faces challenges in relation to unemployment and under-employment especially among young people who are engaged in the informal sector, for this reached around 84% characterised by insecure incomes, absence of social security, low skills, poor productivity and low earnings,” Adam said.

“Youth development is shadowed by weakening macro-economic prospects resulting in lower key quality jobs for those who find work, greater labour market inequalities among young people, longer and more insecure work transitions and increased detachment from the labour market.”

Adam said they held consultations with youths across the country who expressed concerns about the high levels of unemployment.

“Various consultations were held by UNICEF last year and young people were given the opportunity to express themselves on many important issues,” Adam said.

“Unicef will continue to advocate for the capacity development of children and adolescents both boys and girls including those with disabilities and those living with HIV to promote their skills in entrepreneurship and employability and business ownership rates of young people in Zimbabwe.”

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