Vic Falls owed $500m in unpaid water bills

Ronnie Dube

VICTORIA Falls town clerk Ronnie Dube has said the municipality plans to intensify water disconnections to recover close to $500 million owed by residents.

This follows the failure of residents to take up the 50% discount promotion offered by the local authority.

“We offered the residents and commercial operators a deal of 50% discount and still, they are not coming through to pay,” Dube said.

“We started off by disconnecting ( in February) those who had higher debts, but we have observed that they still don’t want to come and pay, and even those whose bills had lapsed over three months are still not coming, so intensifying disconnections is the only option that we are left with.”

Dube said while mindful of the effects of COVID-19 and high unemployment rate, residents should ensure that they pay their bills in order for the local authority to improve on service delivery.

Over the months, the council has been struggling to collect refuse and provide adequate water citing failure by residents to timeously pay their bills.

According to council records, the authority is collecting an average of $47 million per month against average expenditure of $90 million.— SOURCE: CITE