Trending Bingo Games You Need to Know About


When bingo followed other casino games and took to the online world, it lured a more modern demographic. This move to the virtual world paved the way for a faster paced game.

In addition, moving online has not only expanded the bingo market but it’s allowed players to play anytime and anywhere. Today, you can all experience and play online bingo at a variety of providers, for example, all bingo rooms – 888ladies who are a trustworthy provider offering a variety of games.

Online bingo stayed true to its original roots and improved on it. This is considered a key factor of why it is so popular right now.

The game proved to be a massive hit among the younger generation. The simplicity of online bingo sparked the interest of younger, busy players.It is true that a big part of land-based bingo was the social and community experience. Virtual games, in recent times, have gone a long way in replicating this and have done so successfully.

It is a perfect example of how modern technology has allowed old, beloved games to find a new home with the new generations.The simplicity and accessibility to newer players have allowed online bingo to thrive in the virtual world. Players can quickly join a game now while en-route home or during their lunch break.It is safe to say that bingo has rarely ever been this popular across the globe at any point earlier.

There are countless options for online bingo out there. We have made life easier for you by compiling a list of the most popular options out there.

Bingo Blitz 

Bingo Blitz is a more refined version of the famous 75 Ball bingo. However, it does have a few well-thought-out and unique features.The game starts with players selecting a city – it doesn’t necessarily have to be their own. This is followed by each player entering a bingo room in that specific city.Vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines and all four corners are considered winning patterns.

But, Bingo Blitz differentiates itself with its unique “Power-Ups” that quicken reaching bingo.The bingo card also consists of Bonus Squares and when marked off, they award additional prizes — more the merrier.The game can be played both online and on smartphones.


Slingo is a new Bingo style that has emerged recently and has been gaining a lot of popularity. 

Slingo is a unique fusion game developed over the years. On each game screen, you will be provided with a 5×5 bingo game card along with some slot reels.You can start off by spinning your slot reel and hope a number corresponding to your bingo card shows up. To put it simply, in Slingo your victory is dependent on the numbers that your slot reel rolls.


In addition to numbers, the reel can also pick special symbols such as The Joker, Free Spins, or Gold Coins. All of these special symbols award unique special prizes.It goes without saying that in order to win, you need to collect points. Points are earned by clearing your card, crossing lines, and receiving bonuses and prizes.

Some of the most sought-after Slingo games are: 

  • Branded Bingo
  • Big Money Slingo Bonus
  • Rainbow Riches Slingo
  • Slingo XXXtreme

In recent years, bingo has seen many mashups. The unique features and the branded themes make it a very different and unique experience.

Some such well known branded bingo games are: 

  • Age of the Gods Bingo
  • Deal or No Deal Bingo
  • Rainbow Riches Bingo

Free Bingo 

Much like the name implies, Free Bingo is a bingo adaptation that does not use money. There are many different versions to play and each has its own unique ruleset.Free bingo is often the go-to option for newcomers. For others, it is a way to have a good time free of charge.

Fabulous Bingo

Fabulous Bingo offers a fantastic and completely fabulous bingo experience. Here, you will find the classic bingo you know and love as well as much more.Fabulous Bingo also has specials, slots, and jackpots in store for players. Not to mention, the site’s platform has proven to be extremely innovative and easy to use. 


Unlike some of the other games on this list, PlayOjo is one of the newer sites. It opened online relatively recently.Don’t let that stop you though, PlayOjo has proven itself to be a fine bingo operator over the years.

Apart from bingo games, PlayOjo is also home to a range of different casino games.The site has just over 3000(!!!) bingo variations for players to enjoy.But the highlight is definitely live casino gaming. It offers players an experience unlike any they have seen online and is akin to being there in real life.PlayOjo is compatible with all popular devices including smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

While there aren’t many downsides, the lack of bonuses and jackpots — a fixture on most other websites — is uninspiring. However, with the website constantly improving, chances are it will be added down the line.

Ever since its beginnings in the virtual online world, bingo has been on a steady rise in popularity.So far 2022 has been no different. Many expect the game to hit new heights by the end of the year.What is certain is that bingo players are definitely in for a great ride. If you’re a diehard bingo fan, the year is bound to be exciting for you.However, it is always worth noting that you play safely. Be attentive and sharp and you’ll find yourself winning often.

In addition, a calmer outlook helps you really enjoy the gaming experience. At the heart of it, that’s what bingo is all about!