Takasiwa: A teen fashionista with big dreams


LOCAL rising teen designer and tailor, Shanice Tinashe Takasiwa (16) oozes with confidence when she speaks of her desire to make it big in the world of fashion.

At face value, the Queen Elizabeth Girls High School student, appears to be over ambitious, but  after taking time to listen to her one realises that, the sky is the limit for her dreams.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, the bubbly Takasiwa, who is also into modelling, said her desire was to ensure her dreams are seen and not just heard.

“My intimacy with the chalk and machine developed at a tender age when I was in Grade Four. At 13, I was already able to expertly use a hand sewing machine that was offered by my mom’s friend,” she said.

Shanice Tinashe Takasiwa

“I later on got into textile, technology and design at high school which helped in perfecting my skills, drawing the inspiration from founder of Zargue’sia clothing brand Ishmael Tsakatsa, who is the first local designer to showcase his collection at Paris Fashion Week.”

The teen designer adds that Tsakatsa’s designs motivates her as she always tells herself that one day, she will be great just like him and this pushes her to work extra hard.

Takasiwa said she was patient and optimistic that one day, her talent would be recognised through her unique designs.

“As the passion continues to grow, my desire is to dress our local celebrities with beautiful designer clothes. I have realised that some of our local celebrities and models have their outfits tailor-made outside the country when locally there are people like us who can passionately perform the same task,” she said.

“I was happy to showcase my first designer dress on the ramp at the recent Mister & Miss Little 2022 beauty pageant. I am on the path to launch my brand of designer clothes soon,” Takasiwa said, a smile lighting up her face.

It is amazing what she is managing to achieve having to juggle between school and designing.

“Designing can happen anywhere as long as you have a pencil and a sketch book. Whenever an idea pops up in my mind, I quickly sketch it,” she said, adding that the hardest part would be to transfer the designs to actual material as she has to wait for weekends to do it.

She credits Melody Mungwini, her mentor and trainer — who is a tailor, for patiently teaching her the basics of designing.

“In the next five years, I see myself big and successful to the extent that I will be providing reliable services to modelling agencies and celebrities both locally and internationally,” she said.

“My motto, passion is the only hunger for success and this keeps me going.”

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