ST Giles medical rehabilitation centre sends SOS to prevent closure

St Giles MRC

ST GILES medical rehabilitation centre faces operational challenges related to underfunding, with COVID-19 said to have compounded its situation.

The institution’s chief executive officer Barth Mswaka told NewsDay on the side-lines of their open day recently that they were struggling to keep the centre running.

“St Giles relies on the government health grant, charges for services offered, fundraising activities and donations from well-wishers. However, all these contributions are not able to cover the growing needs of the centre,” Mswaka said.

“The other major challenge that St Giles is encountering is the allocation of funds from medical aid societies for medical rehabilitation services.

“The allocation towards medical rehabilitation is very minimal for most of the medical aids compared to the medical rehabilitation process. Thus most of their members fail to fully benefit from medical rehabilitation as their allocated funds quickly run out,” he explained. We call upon everyone, individuals and corporates to come through and partner St Giles in its work.”

Established in 1964, provides rehabilitation services for adults and children with all types of physical disabilities.