Slice group on expansion drive


SLICE Distributors (Pvt) Limited has embarked on a major expansion drive which will see  the fast-food retail group opening 15 local outlets this year before making forays into the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) region by 2025.

The company, which owns  Grocery Slice, Chicken Slice, Pizza Slice and Cream Slice, says it is  set to  add to its retail chain with Baby Slice  Feed.

Group chairperson Tawanda Mutyebere told delegates at the official opening of its 16th branch in Braeside, Harare, yesterday that plans were afoot to expand into the region.

“This is a seed that was planted 12 years ago in Mvuma,” Mutyebere said.

“We are still in the germination process. We believe that we want to expand  into the whole of Africa. As we are talking today we have already started making  inroads into neighbouring Zambia. Any time soon we are going to invite you to come for an official opening.”

He said the food group was planning to open 15 local branches this year.

“Places are secured. Everything is in position. It’s a matter of opening them like what we are doing today,”  he said.

Mutyebere said the company was soldiering on despite the harsh economic environment prevailing in the country exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Some people cry because a rose has thorns. Some rejoice because thorns have roses. This is like a rose with thorns or thorns with roses whatever way you take it,” he said.

He said the company was making efforts to bring quality products and services in the industry.

Slice Distributors non-executive director Patricia Murambinda said the company had set a three -year plan to expand into the region.

“We are looking into a three-year strategy in terms of expansion into Zambia and into other regional countries. We are assessing business in Mozambique and Zambia to see whether our food will be required in those countries because the tastes and cultures of those countries vary. You first understand the market and see if there is a need for us to expand into those countries. Within three years, we would have expanded to those countries.”

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