Nyanga high school whiz kid gets 20 A’s at O’Level


A-17-YEAR old Nyanga high school whiz kid, Lesley Machimbidza has attained 20 A’s in the 2021 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) examinations.

Machimbidza told NewsDay that self-belief and determination led him to achieve the good results.

“Yes I did believe in myself, and I am one individual who is curious about the world around us and I am also passionate about responding to global problems socially and economically,” Machimbidza said.

“This led me to then take up a number of subjects to equip me with the necessary skills to address problems in the modern day.  My performance has always been excellent. I sat for my Grade 7 examinations in 2017 and got five units out of five subjects.  At high school, I have always remained a dedicated student with the zeal to excel and thus far I have made it,” he said.

Machimbidza said his academic brilliance involved a lot of tactics such as waking up early and remaining disciplined.

“I had to extend my hours of study, and would sleep at 2am every day. I also had to use the internet for my research and got help from different teachers and facilitators. I only did 12 subjects in class; the remaining eight I studied on my own. I put my trust in God and believed that He would help me sail through and He did,” he said.

The teenager gave credit to his family members and friends as well as the Marist Nyanga Community for providing a safe space to excel.

“A lot of people helped me to achieve this.  My parents played a pivotal role in making sure that all my academic needs were well catered for, something that I truly appreciate. I also want to give my heartfelt gratitude to Tinashe Chigasa, my best friend and high school roommate for being supportive and always encouraging me when the road got tough. My appreciation also goes to all my teachers and facilitators whose names I can’t exhaust since the list is endless.”

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