Music is an inborn gift: Mlenga

Chenai Audry Mlenga

BULAWAYO-BASED up-and-coming gospel singer Chenai Audry Mlenga said gospel music was a calling, adding that she was using her talent to minister the word of God through her songs.

Mlenga told NewsDay Life & Style that she will soldier on despite the challenges that have seen many artistes failing to reach their potential.

“I believe I was born a musician who was called to the ministry from childhood. Although music has been part of me from childhood, I started professional recording in 2006 and launched my debut six-track album titled I Put My Trust in You in 2018 at Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo,” she said.

“Financial problems have been some of the top list challenges faced by us as up-and-coming artistes. I have, however, managed to overcome this through selling my music and using that money to finance my recordings.”

Mlenga said she was working on a collaboration with Adiel Maseko, adding that she was eyeing more collaborations with artistes like Mai Mwamuka.

“I accept that gospel music in particular is a call upon my life to reach out to nations and heal them through the Holy Ghost within music,” she said.

“My recent single, Amazing God is enjoying good reception unlike my debut album which did not receive much attention. This gives me strength to continue in music.”

She urged aspiring gospel artistes to stay focused if they are to attain their musical dreams.

“Aspiring gospel musicians must stay in their lane and not try to be someone. Real help comes from God alone and gospel music has a way of reaching deep within where eyes cannot see, hence, providing healing as well,” she said.

“Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that it’s okay, it is well, and what better way to hear it than hearing it attached to a melodions sound.”

Songs featured on Mlenga’s album are title track I Put My Trust in You (featuring Natsisai Taaliah), Katalambano (featuring Tafadzwa Dzwaa), Uyangihola (featuring Nigerian Pastor Nana Iheonu), Covenant Keeping God, He Said Fear Not and Covenant Keeping God (acoustic version).

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