Masimba Edenga celebrates Easter with album

Music group Masimba Edenga


GOSPEL music group Masimba Edenga says their latest album titled Ndirangarireiwo launched last week carries the message of remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Masimba Edenga is an eight-member group of United Methodist Church followers.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, group co-ordinator Super Takaodza said they decided to launch their 11th album on Friday at Inner City United Methodist church in Harare as part of Easter celebrations.

“As the Christian community, Easter or Passover is of great significance to our lives as we seek to be remembered by the Almighty for, He paid for our sins on the cross hence the title of our nine-track album Ndirangarireiwo,” he

“The fundamental cause of our album is to preach the good news brought by the sacrifice made by the Almighty for our lives. The themes for all the songs on the album is centred on preaching the message of the sacrifice made and what it means to the saved lives.”

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