Madiro in soup for running parallel structures

Mike Madiro

ZANU PF Manicaland chairperson Mike Madiro is being accused of forming parallel structures in the province to de-campaign sitting legislators in favour of his allies eyeing the 2023 parliamentary seats.

Madiro was pelted at a recent Zanu PF youth provincial conference elections after he reportedly tried to impose Judah Chiruka from Zimunya-Marange district.

Chiruka, however, fell by the wayside after failing to get into the top four.

Madiro’s driver Wilson Nyamande is Manicaland provincial youth vice-chairperson, while his wife Patience Kujenga is the secretary for women affairs in Zimunya-Marange district.

“We are surprised that Madiro and the Mukodza family are trying to capture the entire province,” a source said.

Tawanda Mukodza is the provincial vice chairperson for Zanu PF.

“Madiro is just imposing candidates. In the just-ended provincial youth conference elections, he wanted to impose Chiruka by intimidating people in Zimunya-Marange to vote for his preferred candidate, but without luck,” the source added.

Another source told NewsDay yesterday that Madiro was reportedly taking bribes from his allies to form parallel structures to de-campaign sitting legislators.

“Madiro is forming parallel structures in constituencies and is taking bribes from aspiring legislators promising to back them in the 2023 elections. Madiro has already said he is in his last term as the chairperson of the province and aims to pass the baton to his close ally Mukodza,” the source said.

Madiro, however, laughed off the allegations yesterday saying his opponents wanted to soil his image to cause his removal.

“I don’t have the power to impose anyone. Where do I get the powers?  I think some people are pushing a sinister agenda.  If people want to give me power that I don’t have, then I am now going to use that power,” Madiro said.

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