Kwangwa calls for more investment in netball

Felistus Kwangwa

Zimbabwean international and Surrey Storm’s goal defender, Felistus Kwangwa has called on authorities to invest more resources for the national game to improve.

Kwangwa is been playing for Surrey Storm for a second season after she was re-signed for the 2022 season.

Compared to last season, Kwangwa is enjoying more game time at the English topflight league club having been used sparingly last term.

The Gems captain believes that Zimbabwe has got good talent which needs to be nurtured with the injection of more resources.

“I’ve learnt a few things here especially in attacking, of which I feel most things back home we have been doing it perfectly. We are not lagging behind but the only difference is on resources. They have resources on this side that we don’t have back home,” said Kwangwa.

“Like when they have a post-match analysis, they can easily see each one’s performance and sometimes I won’t even remember what I did. They capture the video and easily tell you where you got it wrong and the area you need to work on. So it becomes much easier for the coaches to execute their job.”

“They can also easily tell the reasons for our loss and if it’s fitness related, there are specific programs to work on and such things are difficult to do back home. We can’t afford to access gyms because it’s expensive and our teams can’t afford to do that.”

Though her team is currently positioned sixth with a total of 18 points and 24 behind log leaders Manchester Thunder, Kwangwa said her side’s performance has been better compared to that of last season.

“Last season we managed to win maybe three or four games and this season we already have six wins which is an achievement. And if we are to win the remaining six matches, we can manage to pull ourselves together and we can make it to the top four. I‘ll be happy if we manage to finish in the top four,” she said.

Surrey Storm’s next assignment is on April 30 against Strathclyde Sirens.

Kwangwa made history by becoming the first Zimbabwean netballer to play in the English Vitality Netball Super League.

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