Jibilika expands chances for creatives

Plot Mhako

KNOWLEDGE is said to be the key to success because those who have it excel in their fields.

And in this vein, local non-profit organisation Jibilika has introduced AMPLIFAYA Creative Entrepreneurship Programme (Acep) meant to shape and impart knowledge and skills to artists across genres.

The AMPLIFAYA project will run as a hybrid programme through both virtual and physical interactions at Jibilika’s new hub located at St Peters Kubatana in Highfield, Harare.

Jibilika founder Plot Mhako said the programme was a partnership with earGROUND (an award-winning digital media, marketing and public relations agency) meant to expose, empower and help emerging artists refine, package their crafts and run them as sustainable creative businesses.

The well-thought and strategically-structured project will target artistes, especially from poor backgrounds and communities.

“More often than not, young people with amazing talents from poor communities have limited exposure to these opportunities and are less likely to leverage their gifts and talents in ways that can open up creative career opportunities,” he said.

“We, therefore, came up with the AMPLIFAYA Creative Entrepreneurship Programme to disrupt the static by increasing exposure and building infrastructure for young artistes, graphic designers, writers, fashion designers, architects, performers and innovators of all kinds to reshape the future.”

He said the Acep programme was tailored to provide training, space, support to young, non-professional, but practising artists or creatives from across disciplines.

“The programme is open to emerging artists, artist managers, curators working in music, dance, fashion, design, art, production, film, digital media to undergo a hands-on training programme that imparts essential entrepreneurial knowledge and skills,” he said.

“The programme also aims to fill and bridge the knowledge gap in a fast-changing creative world in the face of digital innovations.”

Founded in 2007, Jibilika promotes various elements of youth culture for social engagement, economic empowerment and youth development.

Their key programming elements include dance, design, fashion, media technology, music, graffiti and skateboarding.

Jibilika has also been empowering young voices through innovative hip-hop programming, mentorship, and volunteering in schools and communities.

They also work on strategies and training to professionalise young up-and-coming artists through programmes that speak the youth’s language and break communication barriers.

Away from Zimbabwe, Jibilika has been involved in projects that promote popular youth culture and community projects that positively transform young
peoples’ lives and their communities in neighbouring countries like Botswana and Mozambique.

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