Ipec boss son’s trial date set

High Court Zimbabwe

THE trial of Kundai Muradzikwa, son of the Insurance and Pensions Commission (Ipec) commissioner Grace Muradzikwa, has been set for May 5.

Kundai is accused of breaking into socialite Luminista Kimberly Jemwa’s rented apartment in Harare, and allegedly stealing US$32 000 in cash and valuables amounting to US$120 000.

Jemwa has accused Kundai’s mother Grace of name-dropping in a bid to instil fear in the investigating officers. The names include that of Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga.

Harare magistrate Shane Kubonera yesterday told the State to provide the court with papers to allow the trial to proceed without hindrance.

Court papers State that early last year, Kundai allegedly broke into Jemwa’s house at No 4 Quinnington Road in Borrowdale Brooke, an upmarket housing estate in Harare’s northern suburbs.

He allegedly forced Jemwa’s maid to vacate the premises over delayed payment of rentals amounting to US$1 700 per month.

Jemwa, who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, had promised to pay the rent in cash upon her return to Harare, which she did.

However, before her return, Kundai had allegedly forced out her maid, and seized the keys and gained illegal entry into the house and stole US$32 000, designer handbags and jewellery, and personal ornaments such as necklaces, rings and bracelets — valued at US$120 000.

After that, Kundai then called Jemwa, claiming her maid had stolen her belongings and left without telling her.

It is alleged that when Jemwa arrived, she found her money and valuables gone.

Investigations revealed that her maid Musodzi Pafiwa, who resided in Domboshava, had not stolen the money.

Both Jemwa and the maid were, however, arrested.

The maid told Jemwa that Kundai forced her out and took the house

It is alleged that once he got the keys, Kundai unlawfully entered the rented property and made off with
US$32 000, four pairs of men’s designer shoes, three pairs of women’s designer shoes, bags and tracksuits, two diamond encrusted Rolex wrist watches, as well as a pair of diamond earrings, among other things.

After Kundai’s arrest, the Ipec boss allegedly began interfering in the matter.

Police officers indicated they were unable to proceed because of Muradzikwa’s interference and name-dropping.

The Ipec boss is said to have even tried to stop the police from taking her son to court citing her proximity to powerful people like Matanga.

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