Intanga poetry corner: Modern chivalry

Richard Farekaye

By Richard Farekaye

Drug and kiss
After a jab and miss.
Truth ever so spoken by the Holy one,
Leader of the youth, speaker of truth.
How vile does a heart have to be?
After a wonderful evening in your brand new engine;
Curtained by horrors of unending goodbyes
Mean’t to push the limits of time,
And you thrust your fork-like hands onto her smooth thighs.
Just spend the night, its late he says;
With ravenous eyes locked on the now incapacitated price.
Her “stop it” cries are like a high note soprano;
Falling on deaf ears of a ruttish beast.
The wail of a desolate soul munched for a plate of deep-fried chicken.
All the whilst unknown to her, their price to pay
For modern chivalry