‘Waste recycling secures future of the earth’

Colored trash bins used to recycle paper, plastic and glass. Digital illustration. Creator: Andrea Danti


ENVIRONMENTALISTS have called on government, industry and individuals to take an interest in recycling waste to prevent the effects of climate change.

Grow A Tree Foundation (GTF) made the call yesterday as the country joins the world in commemorating the Global Recycling Day today under the theme Recycling Fraternity.

Global Recycling Day is held annually on March 18 to raise awareness of the role that recycling plays in securing the future of the planet.

GTF deputy projects director Valarie Nengomasha said the organisation would utilise the day to educate people on good waste management

“The main thrust is to make sure that people understand that recycling is important and make them see waste as a resource rather than trash. We recognise this day as key because waste contributes to climate change. We aim to promote initiatives that reduce the occurrence of climate change and build resilience to communities against the effects of climate change,” Nengomasha said.

Zimbabwe produces over 1,7 million tonnes of solid waste each year.

“The waste sector alone contributes to about 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions. This exactly means that waste is really responsible for us suffering from high temperatures and of course feeling hungry…”

Environmental Management Agency spokesperson Amkela Sidange told NewsDay that waste recycling was also a form of employment.

“As we generate the waste, let us take into cognisance how we can feed into the recycling value chain. We need to understand that all we call waste is not waste at all, it only becomes waste when we waste it. It can be taken back into circulation,” Sidange said.

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