Trio fined for assaulting Mudzi village head


THREE Mudzi villagers assaulted their 84-year-old village head with wooden sticks and open hands in a bid to force him to leave the village.

Tirihumwe Kuvatedza (24), Batanai Kuvatedza (34) and Sekai Kapesa (23) pleaded guilty to assault charges when they appeared before magistrate Elijah Sibanda on Wednesday.

They were fined $5 000 each.

Prosecutor Nathan Mujuru told the court that on March 15, Chief Nyamukoho of Mudzi was invited to Mudyiwa Kuvatedza homestead in  Tirihumwe village, Mudzi to resolve a dispute.

The chief managed to solve the matter peacefully and left the scene, leaving the complainant with other villagers.

The trio arrived armed with wooden sticks and ordered Mudyiwa to vacate their village.

When he refused, they assaulted him with wooden sticks and open hands. The matter was reported to police, leading to their arrest.

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