The Luxembourg national football team


there are many powerful national teams. The best betting in Uganda only on 1xBet can be made on all those squads. Some of the best teams from the European continent include Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands and others.

However, there is also the other extreme, which are teams that are always expected to lose their matches. Some of these examples include Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, and also, Luxembourg.

However, contrary to the other squads, Luxembourg has participated constantly in all the FIFA World Cup qualifiers since the 1934 edition. Unfortunately for the country, they have never secured a participation in the competition itself. Right now, only in 1xBet Uganda it is possible to make the best betting on the Luxembourgian squad.

History of the Luxembourg national squad

Luxembourg played their first international match on the 29th of October 1911. Curiously, three years later, they defeated the French team 5-4. Those kinds of results would be almost unthinkable in the modern game. The website offers all the chances to make live bets on every match played by Luxembourg.

Due to the performances of the Luxembourg team, many major national teams had their B squads playing friendly matches against Luxembourg. This happened quite frequently in friendly games, and some of the teams that did that included:

  • West Germany;
  • Switzerland;
  • Belgium;
  • and France.

In 1964, the Luxembourg squad started to participate in the qualifiers for the different editions of the Euro s. However, like in the case of the FIFA World Cup, they have never been able to qualify for the actual tournament. Every time that a FIFA World Cup or an Euro is celebrated, it is possible to bet on it at the 1xBet website.

The Olympic Games

Curiously, Luxembourg has indeed participated in a major football event. This competition corresponds to the Olympic Games. The squad participated in all editions between 1920 and 1952. It is possible to visit 1xBet to play best free online slots in Uganda every time that a new edition of the Olympics awaits.

The best result for the Luxembourg squad came in the 1928 edition of the games. While they didn’t go beyond the first round, they put up a very tough game against Belgium. The match was played on the 27th of May 1928, and the Belgian team defeated Luxembourg for a thrilling 5-3. Fans can visit 1xBet Uganda in order to play on the best online free slots available on the internet before the next Olympic football competition starts.

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