Success Life: Act like a manager


By Jonah Nyoni

MOST people are not in charge of their life even though they have been placed as leaders. They are not in charge of their business. People around us love confidence. People buy into confidence. When you are on stage, people buy into your confidence before they hear the words that come out of your mouth. This article talks about being in charge. It takes a change in small things that are in you, to project a better you.


Your attitude and behaviour are important in life. The more you pick special traits, the more you are respected or disrespected. Your behaviour is usually a reflection of your standards and values. Your behaviour and attitude speak to people before you say anything to them.

Most of the time your attitude gets known before you even open your mouth. Attitude is just like perfume, it permeates into the air without your effort. Small changes in behaviour make big changes in your life.


There is a manager’s style of attire that makes him look different and outstanding. In reality, it is an aura that he carries, making him have a special gravitas. Remember, how you are dressed determines how you are addressed. Always dress like an expert, not a suspect.


How you communicate both by spoken word or actions will determine how you are perceived by people you are talking to. It’s either you are perceived as an underdog or in charge. The choice of words carries an emotion and an atmosphere. Remember words carry a special force and that is why the Bible says, “Life and death lie in the power of the tongue.” Learn to communicate strength. For example, in a company, it is obvious that the person who complains is a subordinate, which means even though you are one you are not supposed to be found acting like a subordinate. When you complain, you are simply implying that there is an external power that has control over you.


Strive to be better than everyone in your league. Know something extra they don’t know. Invest more and be hungry to be competent. Never sit on your laurels, learn more to become more. Richard Templer wrote, “You glide through your daily work with ease and confidence. You are unflappable and unstoppable”

Choice of places

The environment will determine who you see and who sees you. Secondly, your spaces of frequency or entertainment also will determine the quality of people you attract. Remember, the quality of your networks in life determines your net worth. A good example, the most common sport that managers play is golf. I find golf not to be that entertaining for me, but it affords me an opportunity to meet people of influence and decision makers.

Parting point: Take charge and be in charge. This takes a change in small things in you. It takes a change in how you do those small things. It takes how you develop transferable skills that make you different from others.