Pageant promotes environmental conservation


MISS Ecotourism Zimbabwe director Ntombana Irene Tuturu has said the recently launched Miss Ecotourism and Miss Teen Ecotourism Zimbabwe beauty pageant is meant to promote environmental conservation.

Tuturu told NewsDay Life & Style that the pageant is open to models aged between 13 and 26 years.

“Miss Ecotourism Zimbabwe is a pageant which promotes ecotourism. Its aim is to support tourism as well as Zimbabwe’s environmental and eco-friendly lifestyle and charity work,” she said.

“Our queens will engage in projects that identify problems in line with tourism, environment and climate and help to proffer solutions.”

She added: “For this year, our recently crowned queens and brand ambassadors, Yeukai Gumbo and Amanda Peresu will start their projects with Sustainable Climate Action Trust. They shall lead contestants and youths in campaigning to make our country a better place.”

Tuturu is being assisted by environmental activist Merlyn Zingwe.

She said their inaugural pageant held in Hillside, Harare last week under the theme Promoting Ecotourism while Supporting Tourism was a success, adding that the second edition was scheduled for December.

“For our first edition, we had 54 models who auditioned and 23 qualified and only nine had to go for the boot camp ahead of the grand finale.”

“The first runner-up is Alisha Bwanya (Harare), second runner-up is Lerato Naro (Hwange), people’s choice is Benhilda Tomo (Harare), Miss Ecotourism Yeukai Gumbo (Chegutu) and Miss Teen Ecotourism Amanda Peresu Moyo.”

She said pageant winners would represent Zimbabwe in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa from October 9 to 17, adding that the coronation night would be held at Msinsi Resort and Game Reserve.

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