Mushoni fights for women with his pen

Ball point pen writing


BUDDING author Farai Mushoni (19) says he penned his second book titled Nduma The Complicated Love inspired by the need to fight social ills faced by women.

The Kadoma-based author told NewsDay Life & Style that women should be respected in society.

“In my latest book I have decided to remind the nation about what women face in society due to some beliefs in relation to issues such as love, forced marriage and rejection among others inspired by true life events,” he said.

“To come up with this book, I was touched by what my mother said she faced growing up in the rural areas during the Chimurenga war. Women were forced into marriage at a tender age and some were treated as slaves.”

He added: “Others would be tortured amid claims they would have failed to execute tasks their male counterparts would have performed. Also, it is during that time when women were told their role was only to raise the children and be submissive to their husbands without contestation.”

Mushoni said as the book denounced such societal ills, it also appreciated how strong women are in the face of such tribulations.

“The book also encourages women of today to speak up as the world is changing for the better.”

Mushoni’s writing journey started in 2019 when he published his debut book titled True Happiness Comes By Faith, which teaches about behaviour.

“Although I never liked writing, but reading, the former has, however, become my calling. It took me long to realise that it was really my dream,” he said.

“I am happy to have realised this dream after a long time. It was like learning to walk and run after a decade of crawling.”

Mushoni appreciated his high schoolteacher (Matemai) for his mentorship as well as friends and family who kept encouraging to be a writer.

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