Mawere rallies SA Africa Triathlon Junior Cup team



Teenage female triathlon star Makanaka Mawere who is set to captain the Zimbabwe team at the South Africa Junior Championships and Africa Triathlon Junior Cup believes the event will be a great platform for the team to showcase their skills and develop their career.

The event will take place in Port Elizabeth on March 20.

On a personal level, Mawere said though it’s a bit challenging to strike a balance between training and school, she will however use the available time to work on areas that need improvement before the big day.

“Personally, I want to see how far I can get in the sport. As a team, this event is an opportunity to prove ourselves as a Zimbabwean team, exhibiting our grit and determination and hopefully inspiring others to give triathlon a chance; allowing the sport to grow and develop,” said Mawere.

“It has been quite difficult balancing school and training and so I have not done as much training as I had hoped. However, I have tried to fit in some hours of training where I could. At this stage, less than two weeks before the races, I am working on my speed in all three disciplines and trying to brush up on my technical skills on the bike,” she said.

Mawere who has competed in the junior event on the continent in the past couple of years reckons the experience can work to their advantage as a team to have a podium finish.

“I believe that I am more prepared mentally and I am more capable of challenging myself to the limits than I was in previous races. I think this can be said for my teammates too, alongside whom I have competed in past races. I believe that if we advise each other and help one another, gathering together all the tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way, our team will be hard to beat,” he said.

 “As a team our main objective is to do our very best and push ourselves to achieve the results we want. However, setting aside the competitive aspects of the tour, we hope to create stronger bonds with one another as well as having fun and enjoying the tour and each other’s company.”

National team coach Pamela Fulton will be in charge of the team.

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