Man killed after boarding lift


AN unidentified man was on Monday found dead near Regina Mundi High School along the Gweru-Harare Highway amid reports that he was assaulted by three men who offered him a lift to the capital city.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko yesterday confirmed the incident saying the man unsuccessfully sought assistance from Regina Mundi School staff quarters where he was later found dead.

“The body of an unidentified man was found lying about four metres from the road with injuries on the head and bleeding from the mouth,” Mahoko said.

“Information gathered so far indicate that the man was last seen seeking assistance at Regina Mundi staff quarters at around 11am.

“He narrated to people at Regina Mundi that (the previous night) he had been dropped in Gweru from Beitbridge on his way to a funeral in Harare. He then boarded a Mercedes Benz which had three male occupants. After travelling for a short distance the driver stopped on the pretext that the car had developed a mechanical fault. He asked the now deceased to pay US$1 saying he was no longer proceeding to Harare.

“When he (now deceased) took out his wallet, the three men realised that he had a substantial amount of money in United States dollars and they assaulted him with an unidentified object, but the man managed to escape in the darkness and slept near Gweru River.”

Mahoko said the following morning the man tried to seek help at Regina Mundi and later sat near the school along the highway where he succumbed to the injuries.

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