Makusha sets big targets


Zimbabwean sprinter Ngoni Makusha is set to leave the country today to compete at the Lusaka International Meet in Zambia at the weekend.

The Olympian is among athletes recently identified by the National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe (NAAZ) with the potential to qualify for the Africa Senior Championships scheduled for June in Mauritius.

Makusha is elated and is hopeful that his performance will meet the qualifying standards.

“I feel good to be recognised by the association as someone who has the potential to qualify for the African Senior Championships and for the World Championships as well. The selection means a lot to me,” said Makusha.

“As for the qualification events, I’m going tomorrow (today) to Zambia for the Lusaka International Meet which is on Saturday and Sunday. There are also some competitions in South Africa as well in April. Then April 30, there is the Gaborone International Meet then the National Championships which are in May. Those are some of the lined up events.” He said he had been working hard to improve himself.

“I have been working hard ever since I started my pre-season training. I have been working on my weaknesses, trying to be stronger and trying to fix all the mistakes,” he said.

“Ever since I started competing internationally, I think my performance has been pretty good. I have won some medals for my country and broken the national record for the 4x100m relay, qualifying for the world relay twice in Japan, then in Poland.”

“The journey has been alright so far, I have been doing quite well for myself. I’m expecting to run my personal best time this season and qualify for the World and Africa Championships as well.  I’m also already working towards the next.”

Makusha was among the five athletes who represented the country at the Tokyo Olympics last year.

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