Key Types of Torque Wrenches


If you’ve ever needed to tighten or loosen a bolt in an industrial environment, you’ve probably come across a torque wrench. 

These tools are critical to automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries, helping workers apply a specific level of tension to a fastener. They’re essential safety tools, ensuring nuts and bolts are securely fastened.

Depending on the industry and your unique application, you might need a certain type of torque wrench to get the job done. The level of torque applied is measured in either Newton Metres (Nm) or Foot Pounds (ft-lb).

This article will outline the key types of torque wrenches industrial business owners should know about.

Beam Torque Wrenches

Beam torque wrenches are some of the most affordable and simple torque wrench varieties. These tools feature a useful scale that indicates when it has reached the appropriate torque level.

The worker applies force using the beam’s handle to tighten or loosen the screw to function. Many beam torque wrenches also have dual signal features, sending out a visual and audio signal when reaching the selected torque level.

Beam torque wrenches are popular among mechanics and automotive manufacturers, especially for building engines.

Mechanical Torque Wrenches

Mechanical torque wrenches are some of the most popular torque wrenches on today’s market. They offer a good balance of accuracy and affordability, with various sizes available to suit a broad range of needs.

To use a mechanical torque wrench, a worker needs to set the required torque by releasing the lock at the bottom of the handle, twisting it to the appropriate setting, and locking it in place.

Electronic Torque Wrenches

Thanks to its ease of use and precise accuracy, the electronic or digital torque wrench is a popular choice for modern engineers. These tools feature an LED screen that displays the required torque, beeping or vibrating when it has reached the set limit.

Many digital torque wrenches also come with data logging features, allowing the user to track and document measurements as they happen. This feature has made electronic torque wrenches a common option in the aerospace, renewables, manufacturing, gas, and oil industries.

Dial Torque Wrenches

A dial torque wrench is a quality control tool designed for verifying whether torque control requirements are met. As you might expect, they feature a dial indicating the torque level applied, usually represented in ft-lb and Nm. They’re a popular alternative to digital wrenches for quickly and visually verifying torque levels.

Dial torque wrenches function thanks to a memory pointer system. This system captures the torque applied to a fastener, clearly showing when it has reached peak torque.


Torque wrenches are an essential tool for accurately applying the appropriate torque level to a nut or bolt. They’re a common sight in industries including automotive, construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

Choosing the right kind of torque wrench will depend on your business’s needs, budget, and applications. For example, if you want a practical and inexpensive option for engine building, beam torque wrenches are an excellent choice.