Jazz singer sings against human rights abuse

Afro jazz artiste Tawanda Ngari

ESIGODINI-BASED Afro jazz artiste Tawanda Ngari (33) said he was in the studio recording an album titled Hope that carries songs on human rights awareness, cultural revival and humanity to be released at the end of this month.

Ngari told NewsDay Life & Style that information on human rights issues was yet to reach some parts of the country.

“I am very much interested in human rights engagement as people should know their rights. As their rights are being violated on a daily basis without their knowledge, through music I am aiming at spreading my wings to every part of Zimbabwe, Africa and globally,” he said.

“Given a chance to go around preaching the message of hope to disadvantaged individuals in hopeless situations and in an oppressed environment, I would do so but in case I don’t make it to that level, my music will surely get to their ears someday.”

Ngari said as a musician, he sang for everyone.

“My music is for everyone, children, elders and youths as they can tap into it since the message is for everyone,” he said.

“We are slowly losing our culture and norms. The world has been so violent in destroying our humanity. So, it is crucial for the message of change and humanity to be preached to the youngsters and to the oldest.”

Ngari said he launched his musical career as a guitarist with popular and veteran singer Sandra Ndebele before he learnt to sing and write songs.

With the help of Sungura Snipers, Ngari produced two tracks Masango Matema and Rufa in 2019 as his first project.

“Music industry is not a game. You have to be patient especially here in Zimbabwe where the economic landscape is sinking everyday. It is the reality, but we keep moving and hoping that something rewarding is going to come our way,” he said.

Ngari said the late music icon and hero Oliver Mtukudzi was his biggest inspiration from the time he ventured into music in 2013.

He also saluted Motswana’s popular singer Allah Ntogwa whom he said also played a significant part in enhancing his music career.

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