IYWD empowers women politicians

IYWD Team leader Glanis Changachirere

WOMEN’s rights group, Institute for Young Women’s Development (IWYD) has launched a campaign that seeks to encourage women political participation.

The campaign is titled: “VoteRunLeadReloaded.”

“‘VoteRunLeadReloaded’ is targeting young women as voters, election campaigners, election observers and candidates,” IWYD said in a statement.

“Our legal framework endorses and safeguards the participation of young women and women in political affairs. Section 17 of the Constitution mandates the State to promote full participation of women in all spheres on the basis of equality with men.

“Section 80 focuses on the rights of women and highlights the provision for equal opportunities, in political, social and economic activities.”

The ‘VoteRunLeadReloaded’ is a follow up to IWYD’s ongoing campaign titled #WhatWomenWant which calls for an end to structural violence against women in private and public life.

“The quota system leaves young women and women across all political divides battling with tokenism, with no real and substantive political breakthrough,” IYWD said.

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