Intanga poetry corner: Retired at 75

Andy Kahari

By Andy Kahari

Retired at 75 

Life is a soccer game, stacked on high odds poker games.
Never knowing the end game;
For when whistles are blown-Boots are hung, numbers are retired.
Silenced and empty are the soccer star podiums and stadiums – grid irons the Mastermind
once beautified.
In battles for glory of the beautiful game.
No more rolling balls; goal posts fallen and sunk, center circles inwardly curved in sorrow,
grass dried up in treacherous heat of demise.
No more whistles shall he ever hear, no more number 10, shall he ever wear.
His last jersey – 75, rested at last.
Yellow cards – No more shall they be plastered.
Life harbors no fair play. Flashing it all a red card.
Mastermind! This dribble or foul
An impossible strategy to beat. One nil down, the final and forever score.
Nil time to recover.
Game over!
Memories, forever entrenched into our future.
On his shoulders hanged are his boots of life.
Down the tunnel road, George Shaya has left the stadium!