Hopley artists vow to intensify peace campaigns ahead of the 2023 elections

Letters to the editor

ARTISTS who are part of Hopley Peace Empire (HPE), a local artist group advocating for peaceful participation in Hopley has vowed to intensify campaigns for peaceful participation in elections ahead of the 2023 plebiscite.

This came out during a peace concert organised by the group in partnership with Heal Zimbabwe on March 19, 2022.

The objective of the concert was to mobilise youths to register to vote ahead of the 2023 elections and encourage youths to uphold peace and tolerance. In his opening remarks at the peace concert, Heal Zimbabwe spokesperson Rawlings Magede highlighted that it was important for youths to shun violence and encourage community members to register to vote in peace.

As the 2023 elections draw closer, it is important for youths to shun violence and register to vote in peace ahead of the 2023 elections.

Artists, who are part of HPE, also underscored the need to uphold peace and tolerance in their community.

As artists, we encourage young people in Hopley to uphold peace and tolerance. Elections come and go but the community remains hence the need to promote peaceful co-existence in Hopley.

The Heal Zimbabwe meetings are part of efforts to create dialogues among citizens as it helps to guard against human rights abuse and also help build peaceful communities.

Heal Zimbabwe utilises various strategies to address conflicts in local communities. One of these ways is the use of community dialogues, an initiative for communities to discuss and collectively identify ways through which they can proffer solutions to problems in their communities.

Such platforms also facilitate local level conversations on pertinent issues affecting communities as well as create socially-cohesive communities.Heal Zimbabwe

Struggle for wheat self-sufficiency: The Ethiopian strategy

THE war between Russia and Ukraine threatens a big portion of the world’s wheat and other commodities supplies. This war prompted fears of food shortages in countries that rely on imported grains. There is also fear that inflation will push prices to new highs.

Various reports and documents indicate that this war is seriously affecting global trade and investment. An assessment report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development revealed that the war impact on trade and development confirms a rapidly worsening outlook for the world economy, underpinned by rising food, fuel, and fertilizer prices.

The report further indicated that Ukraine and Russia are global players in agri-food markets, representing 53% of global trade in sunflower oil and seeds and 27% in wheat. Following this, the rapidly evolving situation is especially alarming for developing nations because as many as 25 African countries, including many least developed countries, import more than one-third of their wheat from the two countries at war, as per the UN report. For 15 of them, the share is even over half. Thus, a wheat shortage could occur in Africa in the coming period.

Like other African countries, Ethiopia will inevitably be affected by all the global events and the trade and investment fluctuations associated with the Russia-Ukraine war. However, the nationally developed summer irrigation strategy for wheat production will significantly contribute to withstanding this global impact. It is a great start to Ethiopia’s efforts to cover its own wheat demand with its own production.

The summer irrigation for wheat development is producing good results. The efforts to replace imported wheat with domestic production are showing encouraging results. It is even more imperative that Ethiopia is working to accelerate its productivity for self-sufficiency. Import substitution remains a target ahead.

The Ethiopian farmers which are included in the national summer wheat productivity are working together tirelessly and diligently. The productivity in most regions is promising. Their farming journey may be tedious but their ambition is to cultivate in the millions. Since Ethiopia engaged in irrigated summer wheat productivity by strengthening cluster farming approaches, the farmers have been harvesting greater yields that will continue to be supported through various efforts.

The government has been focusing on this project by providing technical support, inputs, and logistical support to irrigate wheat development areas in a coordinated manner. The move is making great strides in using water resources and manpower capacity to stop wheat imports in a short period of time.-Further Africa

Mwonzora, modern-day Morris Nyathi

REETINGS to you MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora. Hope I find you in good health. This is going to be a long week for you, I guess.

I write this letter from a certain southern African country where I am herding cattle and feeding poultry on a farm.

I have been closely following your political career since you joined MDC in 2006 from Abel Muzorewa’s UANC party having previously worked with the late Edgar Tekere in the Zimbabwe Unity Movement. I believe you were once a member of the Forum Party and you have not been able to lead since then. In 2005, NCA booted you out because of your unprofessional conduct.

Do you remember the day we were teargassed by overzealous police officers during the national electoral reforms agenda demonstration at the Freedom Square in Harare, where we had to scurry for cover into Belvedere?

We were fighting the Zanu PF regime which you are now dining with. Little did we know that you were busy plotting to sell the struggle to the highest bidder.

You economically suffocated Nelson Chamisa by preventing him from getting State funding thinking that you were crippling him, but the citizens rose and stood by him through funding his newly-launched Citizens Coalition for Change project.

I was surprised at your insatiable appetite for power when you embarked on a nationwide recall of MDC Alliance councillors and Members of Parliament with the assistance of Zanu PF.

Mwonzora, let me say, I won’t forget the way you took over Richard Morgan Tsvangirai House with the assistance of State security agents and loaned it freely to the ruling party.

It was unexpected for you to quickly destroy the brand and legacy of the labour party which was carrying the hopes and aspirations of the majority of Zimbabweans.

Your politics of rational disputation leaves a lot to be desired. Mwonzora, you caused emotional stress and left thousands traumatised because of your behaviour. You are now on rampage destroying a party which you did not form. You can’t be trusted with power.

Today you are busy having endless meetings with Emmerson  Mnangagwa pushing for dialogue to have a government of national unity trying to avoid an election. Very soon you are going to be history and people will only remember you as our modern-day Morris Nyathi.

Let it be known that CCC is there to stay and a government in waiting party.

In conclusion, let me say that your political career has come to an end. If you win a seat on March 26 by-elections, consider yourself very lucky. The citizens have finished engraving your political tombstone.Leonard Koni