Gems technical team happy with WC preps

Zimbabwe senior netball team

Zimbabwe senior netball team manager Agnes Chiroodza has hailed the players’ commitment and fitness levels four months before the World Cup qualifiers pencilled for August 20-27 in Gauteng, South Africa.

The Gems went into camp early this month and are expected to break on March 31

Chiroodza said the spirit of togetherness has helped in maintaining discipline among the players in camp.

“The camp has been very well since day one. The players have shown maturity as compared to the previous one. There is always high morale and players have shown to be more disciplined and physically fit. They have been performing exceptionally well and the competition is very high and their level of fitness is also pleasing,” said Chiroodza.

“As the management, we have seen that working with players of the same age is important. They work together as a team and all have collective goals in every move.”

Two more training camps are scheduled between now and August to fine tune the team ahead of the qualifiers.

“So far we have to work on our attacking because on defence we are satisfied with their performance. Then in the final camp, we will do the finishing touches including working on combinations and set plays,” said Chiroodza.

From each training camp, excelling players will be picked for the final camp from which the travelling party will be selected.

Only 16 players will travel for the qualifiers. The Gems will be hoping to win the qualifiers and return to the World Cup tournament for the second time since their inaugural appearance at the 2019 finals.

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