ED to open energy expo

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa will officiate at this year’s International Renewable Energy Expo in Victoria Falls, an event that is sponsored by Alpha Media Holdings (AMH).

The conference, which will run from March 22 to 25 under the theme The New Frontier Net Zero Africa, will bring together various diplomats, experts, authorities and financiers for a discussion to chart the way towards achieving clean energy by 2030.

It will also discuss the COP26 resolutions on climate adaptation and mitigation.

AMH are publishers of NewsDay, Zimbabwe Independent, The Standard and Southern Eye. The group also owns Heart & Soul online radio and television

The Standard will host the conference in partnership with the Energy and Power Development ministry.

Zimbabwe endorsed the adoption of renewable energy and AMH has taken a leading role in facilitating the processes that the country should follow in its quest for clean energy by 2030.

Last year’s edition of the conference and eExpo organised by The Standard was held in Nyanga.

The conference, which was first held in Victoria Falls in 2020, sought to promote the adoption of clean energy in Zimbabwe.

In 2020, the country introduced rolling power cuts lasting up to 18 hours a day after it was forced to reduce electricity generation at Kariba Dam because water levels had fallen significantly due to drought.

Delegates at the global conference will get an opportunity to visit some of the renewable energy projects around Victoria Falls.

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