ZACC Develops A Prevention of Corruption Toolkit



THE Zimbabwe Anti -Corruption Commission (ZACC) has set up integrity committees to prevent corruption and promote good corporate governance at institutional level.

Addressing a virtual meeting yesterday, ZACC commissioner Thandiwe Mlobane said the anti-corruption body ZACC developed a Prevention of Corruption Toolkit following systems reviews by various agencies including the Auditor General.

“ZACC would like the Integrity Committees to take note of and as much as possible, ensure the uptake of the Prevention of Corruption Toolkit in their institutions during the year 2022,” Mlobane said.

“The Prevention of Corruption Toolkit comprises Risk Management Policy, due Diligence Policy Unsolicited Proposals/Bids Policy and Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy

“Thus, through its program on prevention of corruption, ZACC is ensuring that public entities implement the Auditor General’s recommendations as a critical step in enhancing service delivery and prevention of corruption.”

Mlobane said audit findings warrant the attention of management and those charged with governance.

“The challenge most organizations face is identifying the points in their operations where corruption is most likely to occur, developing and implementing strategies to prevent this corruption from occurring in the future, ensuring that all members of the organization work with integrity to achieve the organization’s mandate.”