What payment providers are the top dogs of the iGaming industry?

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If you like to play casino games, then you already know that in order to play real-money games you need to make deposits at an online casino. But, with so many payment platforms offering their services to casino players, how do you know which one is best for you?

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest payment providers popular with casino gamers. And tell you all the pros and cons to each service. Along with any charges you may incur.So, let’s see what payment providers are the top dogs of the iGaming industry.

Debit Card Casino

A debit card casino is one that lets you make deposits and withdrawals using your debit card. Probably the most well-known provider on the planet, debit cards let you make payments quickly and easily. Plus, you probably already have a debit card in your purse or wallet.

Players love the familiarity of a debit card. And you don’t need to open additional accounts.  Like you do with e-wallets.

Furthermore, debit card payments are usually free. Plus, they offer reasonable withdrawal times. Especially when compared to some other methods, such as bank transfers.

However, debit cards are falling out of favour with some casino gamblers. As they are not the safest payment method on the market. And giving out your full name and card number every time you make a payment leaves you open to possible fraudulent activity.Therefore, if you’re worried about online safety, then you should consider another payment method.

PayPal Casino

Another popular type of operator is a PayPal casino. And these sites let you use your PayPal account to make both deposits and withdrawals.

Players love PayPal because it offers an extra level of security that debit cards do not. This is because you only ever need your username and password at casino sites using PayPal. Therefore, your personal information and sensitive bank details are always protected.

Furthermore, PayPal is available in multiple currencies and languages. So this makes it extra convenient for players who like to visit offshore sites. And who pay in different currencies.

That said, PayPal does come with some charges. Especially when converting money into different currencies. So, we recommend checking the PayPal website for full details on what fees you may incur.

Neteller and Skrill Casinos

Another two leaders in the digital wallet arena are Neteller and Skrill. Both of these e-wallets offer a very similar service to PayPal. Along with the same level of security. Again, you only need a username and password to use Skrill and Neteller casinos. And both are also available in other languages and currencies.

Plus, both of these digital wallet providers offer customers the chance to take a prepaid Mastercard. These prepaid cards are useful for real-money gamers, as you can allocate specific funds just for gambling.

Also, both Skrill and Neteller use highly sophisticated software to encrypt their sites. As well as their apps and all of your transactions.

However, these services also come with some small fees. And loading your prepaid Mastercard will most definitely incur a small charge each time you do it.

So, we always recommend looking up these charges before you open any e-wallet account. If you’d like to learn more about any of these providers, check out this amazing casino payments guide provided by Casino.xyz.

Pay by Phone Casino

In recent years, pay by phone casinos have enjoyed a surge of popularity. And providers such as Boku casino sites, let players make deposits at online casinos via their mobile phone number.

Customers of pay by mobile casinos can choose to have the deposit amount added to their end of month phone bill. Or deducted from your pay as you go credit. The choice is yours.

Players also enjoy pay by mobile services because they offer you more security. Because you only ever give out your phone number. Not your full name or sensitive information.

However, it’s important to note that you can only make deposits at online casinos using pay by phone methods. You will not be able to withdraw winnings back to your mobile phone bill/credit.

Therefore, before you use a pay by phone casino, you should think about what source you’re going to use to transfer your winnings back to.

Finally, pay by phone casinos are free to use. But they do have some restrictions. For instance, you’ll see a daily cap as to what you can deposit. So this is another thing to consider, if you are a high roller who likes to deposit large amounts at a time.

But, if you are someone who likes to play casino games for small sums of money, then pay by mobile could be the right option for you.