Understanding your purpose

Understanding your purpose

By Jonah Nyoni

THE purpose is powerful. Purpose is the reason why something or everything exists. With people, purpose should determine position (roles, plans and work). The big question is: Do you understand your purpose?

When a car is created, the manufacturer wires it specifically for a clear purpose. Also, the purpose or the power of a car determines the terrain it will use. The function of something will determine its performance and effectiveness. If it is used wrongly, the true result might not be realised.

For a human being to get true satisfaction, they must work on their purpose.

As an example, some people might think and believe that money makes us happy. Money is a great tool to help us buy what we do not have in life.

It is a tool we can use to buy time. It’s a tool that we should master. We should not work for money, but money should work for us. Money either magnifies the good that we already have or it magnifies the negative traits we have. You might have seen people die because of drugs or alcohol, it’s money used wrongly. There was a time when such people thought that they were enjoying life, while in reality they were shortening their life.

Find your purpose

A life of greatness is when you live in your true purpose. You don’t need to bump and huff into life. What is purpose? Simply, it is the reason why something was created. It’s the true essence behind existence. Living in your true purpose makes you fully function in your calling.

Your purpose makes you to be the first best. It is true purpose that makes you realise and cherish the reason that you are great in yourself. It eliminates all the unnecessary competition we see every day. When you know your purpose, you esteem your uniqueness. It’s only on purpose that you live a true legacy.

Walking purpose brings true fulfilment

Some people are always trying everything to survive, but they get nothing from their efforts. When living by our purpose after doing a thing, there is something which says: Yes, that’s it! I have made it.

There is that inexplicable feeling that makes you smile every time you are alone. It’s that great soothing and settling feeling inside that makes you dance even though there is no one watching.

Ignorance of purpose could be dangerous

Ignorance of the functions of a phone that you have might have led you to abuse it. That is what happens in most people’s lives. Most of the self abuse we see around is because there is a lack of understanding of purpose.

Purpose makes one to be in harmony

Purpose makes you to be in harmony or to be in the flow with the cosmic set-up or with God’s creation. If I don’t walk in my track, I disturb those who are in the same race. A purpose-driven life lessens confusion and conflicts.

Life is wrapped in purpose

True happiness and resources are found in our purpose. Some think it’s found in having wads of cash. Some think it is in having sex? Some think it is in the drugs or alcohol, but it’s all found in the purpose.

Did you know that no one is born poor? We are not born poor, but in poor settings or poor environments. We can never be great by working hard.

I have seen people who sweat day and night, but they are still poor. We become great by working wisely, working in our purpose. It doesn’t matter how big your muscles bulge because of hard labour, what brings greatness is working for your purpose.

Ply in your purpose

The start of a great life is to walk in your purpose. Start now. How will it feel if it was your last breath and someone came to you and said: You were acting in the wrong script. After that, they then hand you the right script you should have acted in. How could it feel to discover that if you had acted the right script you would have earned billions? That’s a wasted life. How could it be to discover that there were millions of people glued waiting to see you on a big screen, but as the main actor you were nowhere to be found?