Syba Six opens year with love song

Flawn “Syba-Six” Katonha


GOROMONZI-BASED up-and-coming hip-hop artiste Flawn “Syba Six” Katonha has released his latest single, a love track titled Pauri.

The single was recorded by Ctak at Niceness Studios and produced by Mr Kayz of Spot On Music.

Syba Six told NewsDay Life & Style that most of his compositions are inspired by love situations with the latest release being inspired by true events.

He said the song was inspired by real life experience.

“My latest song Pauri celebrates love. The song tells a story of a man who loves his girlfriend and not what people say about the looks of that girl,” he said.

“I have a friend (not mentioning by name) who was in that scenario and people used to laugh at him because of the looks of his girlfriend, but the two loved each other in an unexplainable way that words could not separate them.”

The youthful rapper said he was happy that his parents’ supported him to explore and pursue his musical career.

“I am pleased and thank God to have been born in a family that has parents who appreciate and support my career. Some parents do not support their children’s dreams to pursue the arts, especially music,” he said.

“For me, music was not something new as it runs in my family’s blood, with most of my family members being into music.

“I started doing music at the age of six when I was in Grade 1.

“I joined the school choir when I was in Grade 3.

“My professional musical journey then started in 2017 when I recorded my first single.”

As he prepares for his debut album, Syba Six has so far released seven singles namely Nina, Ndaremerwa, Mumoyo Mangu, Chimwe Drowning, And then You Came and All I have Got.

Syba Six has also recorded a number of duets such as All That I Want (featuring Mia) and True Love (featuring the late Royal Prince).

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