Success life: Building personal confidence

Building personal confidence

SELF-CONFIDENCE is important in every facet of life. People buy into confidence before they buy your product or service.

As a public speaker, you have to exude confidence. In an interview, what makes you stand out is your confidence.

When you are dating, we all want to make the best first impression. For your brand to stand out, you have to be confident. As a coach, most people ask me, Jonah, how do I build my confidence? This article will give you necessary tips and everyday tools that will build your confidence.

Leaders have to show confidence and have faith in what the future holds. Confidence feeds into followers to take action and believe in the leader. When leaders are campaigning for a position, what they are selling is confidence.


When you know your true purpose, it becomes easy to express yourself effectively. People that don’t know their purpose will try everything. Purpose is the first step which makes you know who you are, your value, worth and reason for existence.

Thought patterns

Your thoughts determine how you feel. Your thinking is shaped by your mental programming, or what you feed your mind with. How you feel will then trigger your actions and emotions. It is not only about what you think about yourself, but what you think others are thinking about you.

Tony Robbins wrote: “As you practice building confidence and begin to believe in your own abilities, you’ll be able to access those feelings of well-being and pride faster and more often.”

Energise your thoughts with faith. Think of your talents, abilities, endowments and what you accomplished recently. This feeds self-confidence, and kicks out self doubt.


There are moments when someone just walks into a room; they seem to take over everything. You might not know them, but they carry this special aura or gravitus or assertiveness.


Expertise and experience lead to competence. Competence contributes towards personal competitiveness and confidence. One way of improving your confidence is by honing a special skill and becoming a guru in it.

Step out

How you physically hold yourself triggers your confidence. Confidence is how you feel about yourself, so a feeling can be built internally and expressed externally. Walk the step. Talk the talk. Project or act being confident.

Effective communication

People, especially from a service industry point of view buy into confidence. This talks to leaders, sales executives, and marketers; effective communication is a great ingredient.

Effective communication comes from the right use of words and the right choice of words. The choice of words feeds into the atmosphere where either you are talking self doubt, fear or failing or you are speaking success and winning.

  • Jonah Nyoni is an author, speaker, and leadership trainer. Follow Jonah on Twitter @jonahnyoni.