Robber rapes, flees with US$14 000


A-35-YEAR old man was on Monday arraigned before Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda to answer to two counts of robbery and one count of rape.

Tinashe Muguti was denied bail after the State said there was overwhelming evidence nailing him to the crimes. Muguti was remanded in custody to February 14 for trial.

Allegations are that on May 11, 2021, armed with pistols and iron bars, the accused was in the company of his accomplices who are still at large when they robbed a house in Chitungwiza.

The following day, they went to another house in Unit O Chitungwiza where they forcibly opened the main door and found the owners asleep. They ransacked the house and stole US$400 cash, cell phones and groceries.

Muguti then force marched the complainant’s wife to another room where he raped her.

On May 12, 2021 around 1900hrs, Muguti and his accomplices went to Stephen Rovha’s residence armed with pistols.

They masqueraded as police officers and accused Rovha of illegally printing text books for resale.

They assaulted him with booted feet and a screwdriver resulting in Rovha sustaining an eye injury.

They ransacked his house and stole US$7 000 cash and a Samsung A30 mobile phone. During the heist, the complainant’s son aged eight sneaked out and alerted the neighbours.

They teamed up and confronted the robbers, prompting them (robbers) to fire shots in the air.

Muguti was then apprehended, while other accomplices sped off in a getaway vehicle without registration plates.

The total value stolen is US$14  240. Nothing was recovered.