Poet pursues climate change awareness


POET Ronald “Mr Loyal ZW” Mtatabikwa said he intended to use his artistic talent to raise public awareness on climate change.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Mtatabikwa, who is also a talkshow host, said he was engaging fellow artists to educate people on environmental issues.

“As there has been talk around climate change (mainly about the change in climate patterns), I decided to encourage artists to talk about it since it is in line with sustainable development goals,” he said.

“As artists, I am sure we can be able to make a positive change in society as a vehicle for spreading positive information. We already have the platform and people who support us so they can as well learn from our work if we use it to educate them”.

Mtatabikwa said it was crucial for people to know more about climate change issues to bring positive change in the manner people treat the environment.

“There are a lot of things we are experiencing because of climate change. These include change in weather patterns, pollution and heatwaves.

“So, if people are taught, they will know that whatever we do to the environment has a direct effect on us,” he said.

“If people can embrace different forms of art, they will surely embrace our mission to educate them on environmental issues through art.”

Apart from using art to educate people about climate change, Mtatabikwa said he had embarked on a tree-planting programme.

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