PNL hosts first edition of awards


The Premier Netball League (PNL) will host its first awards ceremony this Saturday to honour outstanding teams and players since the league was formed last year.

PNL secretary-general Liberty Mhizha told NewsDay Sport that teams would be honoured for participation at the awards ceremony.

“League winner and all teams that participated will get prizes. It is good to be recognized, hence the feeling is good,” he said.

Platinum Queens were the PNL champions after they finished their games unbeaten, with only one draw and a total of 79 points — six ahead of the second-placed Harare

Mhizha said dates for the annual general meeting (AGM) would be announced and it would be at that meeting that the league programme for this year would be drawn.

“The league programme will be drawn at the AGM, whose date is likely to be announced at the awards ceremony,” he said.

A total of 21 teams participated last season, but numbers could change this year.

“Changes will be effected once play-offs are done, which will have promotion and relegation from division one leagues.”

The PNL was formed last year and became the first professional league for netball in the country.

The season opened with a launch tournament in Bulawayo before running a crush programme due to COVID-19 lockdown effects which ended in November.

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